Toby Walne

101 Extraordinary Investments

‘101 Extraordinary Investments’ is a ‘Handbook for the Adventurous Collector’. The guide was inspired by the great explorers of the Victorian and Edwardian era, who hunted for everything from orchids to shrunken heads

The book keeps the spirit of adventure alive with a modern twist. A full range of subjects is covered, from superhero comics, toy robots and magic tricks to cigars, celebrity hair, feudal titles and pedigree pigs; plus a fresh look at classics like wine, stamps, film posters and books.

Each topic is covered in a comprehensive and entertaining manner providing subject insight as well as practical investment guidance, including cash returns, contact information and vital trading tips. It is also intended to be a fun and fascinating read and is well illustrated throughout.

Toby is available for freelance work, writing opportunities and offering industry comment.

He can also provide investigative journalism support and help with media training.

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About Toby

Toby Walne is an award-winning national journalist. Formerly a staff reporter for the Mail on Sunday he now contributes to the newspaper as a freelance writer.

He has just published his first book: '101 Extraordinary Investments - Curious, Unusual and Bizarre Ways to Make Money. A handbook for the Adventurous Collector.'

Toby specialises in writing about alternative investments and has a regular column in the Wealth Management section of Financial Mail in the Mail on Sunday. He also writes on a wide range of consumer and finance-related issues and is always keen to go out and report on stories first hand and lend his support to reader campaigns.

He also conducts celebrity and industry interviews for the Mail on Sunday and writes features for the Property, Business, Enterprise and Health sections as well as contributing to special investigations and providing colour pieces for Review.

Toby regularly contributes to other newspapers and publications. In addition to the Mail on Sunday these include The Daily Mail, The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Sunday Telegraph, The Independent, The Times, Evening Standard, Moneywise, as well as corporate publications.

Toby was first kicked out the office more than a decade ago and told not to return until he had a story. Enjoying the experience he has rarely been back in since.

In search of adventure and stories Toby has motorcycled from John O'Groats to Lands End, visited war zones of Afghanistan and Iraq, climbed up Mount Kenya, and taken numerous trains through Swindon and Doncaster.

As a reporter for the Financial Mail section of the Mail on Sunday he spearheaded a campaign to save post offices and has visited more than 100 communities across Britain fighting for their survival. He writes a blog on the subject for the Mail on Sunday sister website

It was during a trip to a post office –in Basra – he first took an interest in the Armed Forces and the selfless and courageous work they do. Toby has made further visits to Iraq and Afghanistan, which he has written about, and joined disabled war veterans on adventure expeditions.